Peglin is the second game released as Red Nexus Games, this time partnered with Sienna Blumstengel and Lucas Cardoso. It is entering Steam Early Access on Nov. 20, 2020 and will be releasing fully on PC and consoles in 2021.

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In my final semester of university, I teamed up with May Gardens to bring one of her existing game projects to a commercial release. We worked on FNBA part-time for 4 months and full time for 5 before launching on Steam on Sept.30th, 2016. The game launched to positive reviews and was a finalist for a Canadian Video Game Award and a SXSW Gamer's Choice Award.

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Steam Game Website

Crusaders of the Lost Idols

I was contracted to work as both a designer and a programmer by Codename Entertainment. I worked on the design doc and programmed the early versions of the game with one other student. After proving the concept, Codename took an active role to quickly add features and polish up the final product. On July 30th 2015 it launched in beta on Kongregate and quickly became the top-rated idle game and held the title for several months.

The game can be played on several platforms:

Steam Kongregate Facebook Armor Games


itch.io Collection

The central repository for my experiments and game jam games. Some are VR projects, some are playable in the web, it is a little bit of everything.


What Deer We Doe Now

A 48 hour game made for Global Game Jam 2015 to match the "What do we do now?" theme. It is the largest team I've ever worked on for a jam, which shows in the gorgeous graphics and audio put together by my team. I contributed as a programmer, designer, and "voice actor" for the game.

More information, including the code and executable can be found on the Global Game Jam site.

GGJ Game Page

Bush Whacker 2

I worked on BW2 over the course of a 4-month co-op term. I was responsible for creating the Haunted Forest, the Mausoleum, and the Tropical Islands; as well as blue printing the Desert City of Agrabush.
Creating these levels required me to design and build the areas by tiling the ground and placing "doodads"; write dialogue and flavour text for the quests, NPCs, and items found in the areas; and script interactions and animations using an in-house scripting language.

Bush Whacker 2 can be played on Facebook and Kongregate:

Facebook Kongregate